Specialized wheels, spacers and center caps for all your Porsche® needs.

Wheels for the Porsche® 928 from 928 Motorsports

Sometimes we are asked whether other Porsche® wheels, like those from a 911 for example, will bolt up to the 928. Actually, any Porsche® wheel from about 1963 will bolt up.... they are all 5 x 130mm bolt pattern.

But the important part is the offset. The 928 is the only Porsche® made with dual un-equal length A-arms top and bottom. A true racing pedigree. This places the spindle further outward than the other Porsches®, and because of this the right wheels for a 928 require more positive offset.

Our wheels are specifically selected to be the correct size and offset for the 928.

Wheel Spacers

Spacers are used to move the tires outward closer to the fenders for that "wide track" look.